Privacy Policy

Signals NZ (“Signals,” or, “us,”) is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals and specifically our Service Providers. We will take all necessary steps to protect Personal Information that is collected, stored, used or disclosed by us, in accordance with the Privacy Act, any applicable Privacy Codes and all associated regulations and guidance. The Privacy Policy should be read with the Service Terms.


The primary purpose for which we collect personal information from you is to provide you with our Services. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our Service Providers.


This Policy applies to all Personal information we receive, disclose, use and store, irrespective of how it was collected.




"Personal Information" is as defined in the Privacy Act 2020.


"Services" are the services offered by Signals NZ, as defined in our terms and conditions


"Service Request" has the meaning given to it in our terms and conditions


"Service Provider" has the meaning given to it in our terms and conditions


"Service Terms" means our terms and conditions which can be found on our website


"Signals" means Signals sent by customers and as defined in our terms and conditions


Personal information we collect


We collect personal information to enable us to provide our Services to you. The types of personal information collected will be names, mobile numbers and email addresses.


How we collect your personal information


When you provide us with your personal information in any way, for example when you set up an account with us, when you request a service by completing a form, register on our Website or when you send us any correspondence, you give Signals NZ consent to use your personal information as set out in this Privacy Policy and in accordance with all Privacy Laws.


Purposes of collection of personal information


  • We collect and use personal information to provide our Services to you.
  • When you complete a form on our Website and requests services from any Service Provider, we collect your personal information entered and you consent for us to do so.
  • You, as a Service Provider, also consent to the use and collection of any personal information we collect in order to provide our Services to you.
  • We may also require further information from you which we will collect with your consent.
  • We may use your information to measure out performance and analyse trends to determine whether our Services are meeting the needs of our Service Providers. We do this to continually improve our Services to you.
  • We may use personal information to detect and prevent fraud;
  • We may use personal information to verify your identity or authenticate information provided by you.


How we share your personal information


  • We only share your personal information in connection with the original purpose for which it was collected, for a directly related purpose, with your consent, or where we are required by law to share your personal information.
  • We may share your personal information with trusted business partners such as charities of your choosing, agents or advisors. We require such recipients to take appropriate measures to protect the information and restrict their use of it.

    Some reasons why we would share your personal information with these recipients include:

  • Managing the supply of services to you;
  • Providing marketing services to you;
  • To run promotions;
  • Otherwise helping us to use your personal information in accordance with this policy; and
  • To comply with legal obligations.


How we store and keep your personal information safe


Personal information that is collected is stored in our secure database.


We usually only keep personal information for as long as it is needed in connection with its original purpose. If it is no longer needed, we delete it or if this is not possible, we anonymise it.


In some circumstances we may need to keep information longer than necessary for a lawful purpose.


Your personal information is locally hosted here in NZ and your data is secured at all times.


Other ways that we secure and protect your personal information


  • We recommend that you keep your Signals NZ username or password secure and not disclose these to anyone. Should you disclose you password, username or both to anyone else, Signal NZ will not held liable for any activity which takes on your account.
  • We use Microsoft to backup the data that we collect.
  • We use cookies to provide secure account access and account checks. Cookies and similar technologies allow us to remember your preferences and tailor our content to your interests. They are usually enabled by default. Cookies can be disabled by you, or you can set limits on how they work, manage settings for advertising preferences and manage opt-outs; and
  • We don't store debit or credit card information. This information is stored using Stripe (a PCI compliant third-party). Signals NZ will never ask for your credit or debit card information and instead you will be redirected to Stripe where your credit or debit card information can be securely accessed, processed and stored. Please see their privacy policy for more information. Signals NZ does however have the ability to re-bill your credit card.


Your choices and rights


  • Signals NZ will communicate with Service Providers and Customers (by email or phone) about our Services including any business communication such as payment confirmations. We will also send out marketing communications and promotional material by email which Service Providers will consent to when registering with us. Marketing communication will include clear instructions on how you can remove yourself from the mailing list.
  • You can disable cookies at any time;
  • You can close your Signals NZ online account by contacting us and you can send us an email at this time to delete all personal information we hold about you and we will undertake all reasonable endeavours to do so. If, for any reason, we are unable to delete the information, we will undertake reasonable endeavours to anonymise it;
  • You can ask us for access or to correct any personal information we hold about you at any time. There are certain grounds upon which we may refuse access to your personal information as set out in the Privacy Act. We will provide you with access and correct any readily retrievable personal information that we hold on request.
  • When requested, Signals NZ will correct and update any personal information that we have on record.
  • Please contact us should you require us to correct or update your personal information.
  • When you pay by credit or debit card, your details can be saved for future purchases from the Website and to automatically be direct debited to continue your subscription with us. Your credit or debit card details will be encrypted and securely stored by Stripe.


Changes to our Privacy Policy


Signals NZ may, from time to time, need to make changes to our privacy practices which may result from changes to our Website. This may mean a change to our Privacy Policy, and your continued use of our Website constitutes your acceptance of the amended policy and the change to how we collect, use and store your personal information.


We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest privacy practices of Signals NZ.


Should you require any further information on the privacy practices of Signals NZ, please contact us.

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